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Generations offers three types of shaves…
Classic, Presidential, and Royal.

Pre-shave and after shave treatments are performed by a barber assistant. The actual shave is always performed by a professional barber with years of experience. All shaves are given with a straight edge razor. Of course each time a shave is given a new razor blade is used.

The pre-shave begins with cleansing the face. Next the face is engulfed in a steamed terry cloth towel, under the chin across the cheeks and up over the eyes. This will begin softening the beard. Once the towel is remove from the face you immediately feel the warmth of an old fashion hot lather. The lather is massaged into the skin briskly making sure each hair is softened and held in an upright position. The lather is removed with a warm wet cloth and the face is ready for its shave.

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A profesional barber comes to the chair where you are laying back. He chooses the shaves products best for your skin type, applies it and begins to shave. Once the barber has completed your shave, the barber assistant will begin the after shave treatment.