Hair Cuts

1There’s an old comfortable kind of sound. One you remember going as far back as your childhood. Men talking, soft background music, maybe the running of water, and of course the clicking of the barber’s shears. It’s a kind of therapy that can hypnotize. The most stressed of gentlemen sit back and find themselves drifting away. From a light trim to a whole new look let us accommodate your styling needs. We have highly trained stylist and staff  to cater to all your needs.

Children’s Hair Cuts

To maintain the serenity of the barber parlor we have built a private room just for kids. This hair cutting play center is crayoned in bright blue colors like the ideal little boys room. Kids Kuts center has toys, and a TV/VCR which plays entertaining children’s movies through out the day and satellite TV so your children won’t miss their favorite shows. We recognize that a child’s first haircut can be a traumatic experience so we made this special section as comfortable as possible for both you and your children. our hope is to provide a positive hair cutting experience. When you bring your child in for their first haircut you will receive

• A First Haircut Certificate
• Commemorative photo
• Lock of hair as a keepsake.

As a reward for bravery, and good behavior a variety of candy is available for your freshly styled and powdered youngster.


*Candy is out of reach of children and is offered with parents permission.