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One sure way to look younger is by blending away gray naturally. Generations Conditioning Color is a perfect solution. It takes just 10 minutes to receive the customized shinier, more manageable and thicker feeling. Best of all Generations Color is a safe, gentle color that will not damage your hair.

Q & A about color

Q: I don’t like the gray in my hair, but i don’t want it to completely covered or unnatural looking. What can i do?
A: Generations Color is customized to match your natural haircolor; while blending away your gray. Your gray will simply become a lighter version of your existing color so it looks very natural.

Q: Will it look obvious as it grows?
A: Absolutely not… Generation color will gradually fade out, you’ll never have obvious root lines.

Q: Will people know i color my hair?
A: Not unless you tell them! Your barber can custom blend a color to match your natural color so you’ll never have that heavy shoe polish look.

Q: Will  Generations hair color damage my hair or cause it to fall out?
A: Absolutely not! In fact Generations Color is a conditioning formula that will make your look shinier.

Q: Do I need to change the way i care for my hair?
A: There is no reason to alter your normal shampoo and conditioning routine, we recommend that you let your barber prescribe you a Generations Shampoo and Conditioner best for your hair.